Monday Munchies: Lettuce Be Honest

*This was supposed to post on Monday, but WordPress ate it. Because Monday. This is a hastily rewritten version. But it has a better photo.


Heirloom caprese salad, quinoa with peppers & onions, lettuce soup

Alas, my crazy schedule and the Labor Day weekend thwarted my initial enthusiasm and creative burst from the first week of the CSA.

Finding myself with not as much time to devote in my own kitchen, I remembered one of the tricks of CSA success is preserving food for the future. I’ve frozen plums and herbs, as well as a container of easy (and sooo delicious) tomato sauce (blanched/skinned/seeded heirlooms, onion, garlic, basil, salt — simmer 30-40, blend).


Homemade heirloom tomato sauce over polenta cakes.

Others are enjoying the produce as well. I traveled with a group to Yosemite for the holiday and our meal planning certainly benefited from fresh fruits and veggies (and another batch of rose plum muffins). My roommate returned from Burning Man and I gave her free reign of my abundance of zucchini and peppers.

Honestly most of my recipes haven’t been too thrilling either. Quinoa with peppers and onion. Multiple variations of the caprese salad. All tasty, but uninspired.

Still, I’ve tried a couple of new things. Thanks to the internet I’ve found some quick recipes to use up things I wouldn’t otherwise know what to do with. For example, last week I just couldn’t handle the amount of lettuce in the box (hence this post’s title). A girl can only eat so many salads before running out of joy. Luckily a google search turned up a recipe for lettuce and leek soup. I subbed skim milk and veggie broth (and bought the leek at the market), and find it’s better served cold (a la gazpacho). Swiss chard also intimidates me sometimes, but it’s delicious when baked into a crustless quiche (using a parmesan/mozzarella cheese combo and Eatwell Farm eggs).


Swiss chard crustless quiche & lunchbox peppers from CSA.

All in all though, I’m still thrilled about making the decision to CSA again. I am saving so much money not buying lunch almost every day and eating out for dinner a few times a week. In fact, I renewed my subscription for 13 weeks (thankfully I can pause when I travel), guaranteeing fresh veggies through December, in one chunk with the money I saved. I’m also getting a little culty about my farm and was excited to help fund their recent Barnraiser campaign, mainly because I now get to name a chicken!

Looking forward to tackling some fall recipes too, with squash and apples ahead. Do you have any favorite autumal recipes?





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