Monday Munchies: Last of Summer

Autumn officially starts tonight and I head back to the Midwest tomorrow for a conference and some Chicago time. My CSA goes on hold for the first time this week, so I made sure to make this last batch count (especially since I unexpectedly went to Connecticut during the previous one, donating my veggies to appreciative roommates).


Salad of Rancho Gordo Cassoulet beans (made in crockpot with Eatwell Oregano), radishes, celery and arugula. Cantaloupe. Savory muffins baked with roasted red pepper & onion & garlic cream cheese then TOPPED with said cream cheese. Heaven.

For cream cheese:

Roast red peppers (I used six smallish ones) whole at 500° for 20 minutes on cookie sheet. Throw covered in fridge for 20 minutes. Remove seeds & stems.

Drizzle peeled onion in halves in olive oil. Roast for 10 minutes in shallow baking pan, flip with tongs, roast 10 more minutes. Also roasted 2 cloves of garlic.

Throw in blender with 8 oz container of Nancy’s Organic Cream Cheese until all ingredients are smooth. ENJOY.

I based muffins on this recipe, using the above cream cheese and since I was out of milk I used cream. I didn’t put in any herbs since the cheese is so flavorful. They’re pretty small servings so okay to be a bit decadent.



My pre- Peak2Peak breakfast. Aforementioned beans, Eatwell Farm egg, cherry tomatoes, radishes & arugula garnish.


Another variation of the white bean salad (one bag can be turned into so many things)…this one with radish greens and cherry tomatoes thrown in. Roasted pepper and tomato soup. Savory zucchini chard muffins, which really were more like mini-quiches.

Most enjoyed finishing up summer in such a delicious way. Now bring on the fall vegetables!


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One Response to Monday Munchies: Last of Summer

  1. Amber says:

    Those muffins look so good! If only they didn’t have egg I would totally be on board (yes, even with the cheese). I am trying to brainstorm ways to adapt these to be more muffin-like so I can use egg replacer!

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