34 by 35: Recovery

Finally checked Yosemite off the list!

Finally checked Yosemite off the list!

I’ll be honest, I dreaded looking at where I stood with my goals on October 11. The year got off to such a rough start I didn’t know where I’d be landing. I’m glad I’m not so completely on the Type A spectrum that I can’t accept that some goals are just not going to be hit, and that’s okay. Maybe next year. That said, I’m proud of my progress so far!

Completed since July

Go to 100 yoga classes before my next birthday.

Take six friends to 18 Reasons events with me throughout the year. While I didn’t “take” them, necessarily, I’ve been with six different friends to events. I even got my coworker, Theresa, to join!

Hike in 12 different counties. Since July I added Sonoma County, Mariposa County (Yosemite!), San Mateo County,  and New London County (CT).

Go to 12 concerts at 12 different venues. Added Paul McCartney @ Candlestick, Built to Spill @ Slim’s, Zombies w/ Vetiver @ Stern Grove, and of course 16 acts at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass!

See a different visual arts exhibition at 12 different venues. Last month I blew this out of the water, with ARTCRANK at Somarts, Fertile Ground (SFMOMA on the Go) at Oakland Museum, and the incredible David Bowie exhibit at MCA Chicago (which I actually just missed in Berlin).

Run the San Francisco marathon. Yup.

Visit my friends in Long Beach and Sacramento.

Go to Yosemite. Awesome trip over Labor Day, maybe I’ll eventually write a post (ha).


Publish 34 blog posts. Thanks to reviving my CSA, I’ve made up the slack. Only 9 to go before January (actually 8 after I hit “publish” on this).

Bike in a different city or town each month. Going off “12” instead of monthly, I’m confident, with upcoming travel, that I’ll hit this shortly.

Read 34 books. I’m at 24. With a couple of long plane rides ahead, I should get those last 10 in.

Send 34 cards or letters. Thanks to learning I could send cards to friends on the playa, I’m at 22. And I have a box of Halloween postcards ready to find sendees.

Strategically evaluate my volunteer commitments and charitable donations. This is sort of ongoing. I don’t think I can “complete” it. Bad goal setting, Meghan!

Watch 12 feature films in 12 different theaters. Added two theaters in July, but need four more yet. I think this can be hit. The Kabuki is just so easy!

Go to 12 different beaches. At 11, but I think I’ll likely hit one in Maine this weekend!

Go to an opera, a ballet, a symphony and a play. Went with Chris to “Old Hats” at A.C.T. Just need to round out with a ballet and symphony by January 11.

Pack my lunch at least 2x a week. Hard to track, but CSA has made this very much a reality.

Try 34 different recipes. I will probably count back from my Monday Munchies posts at the end of the year. Will likely hit this now!

Make a list of 34 moments this year that I’m grateful for. Journaling on and off this year, but plan to write this up at the end.

Lose 15 pounds before 35. Gained a lot during marathon training and whilst eating my feelings during the rough part of the year. Finally back on track, with CSA and new FitnessSF across from work. If I work hard, this can happen. I at least know where I want to be.

No Progress

Go cash only one week a month. Still not tracking very well.

Spend 30 mins or more in a different San Francisco park each month. Changing this to “12 parks” next year.

Do 34 non-knee pushups in a row. Not gonna happen, since I’ve accepted my body isn’t built for push-ups. That said, I’m kicking ass at the gym lately.

Go “off the grid” at least one day a month. I truly did at my yoga retreat, but otherwise very difficult.

Purge 34 significant items from my life (e.g. books, CDs, clothes). Suck at tracking.

Buy something for a stranger once a quarter. Missed Q1, but hit Q2. Love that you can make someone’s day just by having cash at a cash only spot, even for something like coat check.

Finish the San Francisco stairway walks book. Determined to pick this back up after the marathon. Paused due to personal reasons and come August I’ll be ready to attack again in earnest.

See 12 films at the Roxie. I’m already at six. Feeling good about hitting or exceeding this one.

Take one detox week a month. Three of six months. Not too bad. Thank you marathon training for this. I blame the other three on the rest of the whirlwind of crap this year.

Attend games of 3-4 different sports. It could still happen, with just one game to attend that’s not baseball or hockey, but no progress since July (I did go to an A’s game, if I’d only said “teams”).

Previously Completed

Visit at least two of my four remaining states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska).

Get one new stamp in my passport.

Try a beer from 34 different breweries.

Achieve something major professionally. (Actually adding to this, I took my first independent consulting gig for a couple of months this summer and also have been onboarded into a new company via a merger).





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