34 Moments I’m Grateful For

One of the 34 by 35 goals sitting in my queue is “Make a list of 34 moments this year that I’m grateful for.” Not general ideas, people, etc…moments. As I’ve alluded to, this year has been one of the hardest ever. I found myself smiling today because it is finally the last month of the year and then I won’t have 2014 to complain about anymore. I know measuring things in calendar constrictions isn’t realistic – it’s not like I’m going to wake up on January 1 with $1 million dollars in my bank account and A River Run’s Through It -era Brad Pitt in my bed – but a fresh start will be welcome.

Anyway, with all that looking forward to celebrate, here’s the first of what I imagine will be a month of staring back at a monstrous year. I’m sure there’s other grateful moments that will happen in the next 30 days, but coming off of Thanksgiving and heading into the holidays, work our way back through this year. Trying to space out about three a month.

34. The final few minutes of the Packers/Patriots game yesterday. My reaction was pretty much the opposite of Tom Brady’s.


33. Finishing my run in Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich, feeling very lost, figuring I’d be rushing to get a bus to my hotel and possibly miss the bike tour I’d planned to hit, then recognizing a pastry shop and realizing I was on the block I’d be on for work the previous day and just a short hop from hotel.

32. Hearing a long-lost friend’s voice on his voicemail after tracking him down after three years.

31. Spotting my friends Chris, Sandheep and Karen at a day party that I did not expect them at. Accidentally tackled Chris.


30. The Giants winning the World Series when I was home to experience it (I was on an airplane in 2012).

29. Doing a shot of tequila out of a taco truck in Brooklyn.

28. Having an older hippie man buy Sarah and I drinks at Vesuvio after I’d had a particularly bad night and regaling us with tales of Old SF.


27. Taking this picture with college friends in Chicago and realizing how lucky I am to have these awesome people in my life for a decade and a half.

26. Riding the carousel at the Lincoln Park Zoo with my beautiful friend Jane and my nephaux, William.

25. Dancing with my co-worker, Theresa, at the Eat Real Festival in Oakland to a band playing 70s wedding music.


24. Walking out onto the edge of fissure at Taft Point in Yosemite, away from my friends for a few minutes, and almost sobbing at the beauty of it all.

23. Discussing feminist theory with my prom date, Andy, at The Mill while he was in town for a sociology conference.

22. Making inappropriate breast feeding jokes on a hike to the beach with Mary Ann and Marley after our yoga retreat celebrating 20 years of friendship.

21. Crossing the fucking finish line at the SF Marathon (I guess I only had to list 8 more moments after that marathon one to have the goal complete…but I’m an overachiever).

20. Getting a new job that was still my old job.

19. Giggling with friends in Barcellos’ grown-up pillow fort after fog-filled fireworks on the Fourth of July.

18. Eating a rainbow cupcake at PrideFest with my friend Ed shortly before he moved back to Chicago.

17. Spontaneously going on the Long Beach Harbor Cruise with Wren.


16. Dancing into the waves at Silent Frisco at Ocean Beach.

15. Dancing all night with my friend Gloria at an 80s night in Berlin.


14. Getting a well-timed message from my friend Dan which resulted in boarding a train to Prague 20 minutes later.

13. Sobbing so much I started laughing after seeing Heaven Adores You, the Elliott Smith documentary, at SFIFF. I really needed a good cry and that gave me it.


12. Racing a toad with my friend Beth at Toad Suck Daze in Conway, Arkansas.


11. Impulsively driving to Medora, North Dakota the first night of my OKARND trip so I could get up early and hike in Teddy Roosevelt National Park.

10. NOT getting car sick on the wine bus at my family reunion.


9. Sailing on the San Francisco Bay with awesome people for Chris’ 30th birthday.

8. Making the call to keep Victor Moscoso on stage at TYPO San Francisco.

7. Listening to Postcard friends and going to The Strypes show at Bottom of the Hill even though I was in the depths of sadness that weekend.


6. Watching a perfect sunset on March 15, feeling truly happy and peaceful, blissfully unaware of bewaring the Ides of March.

5. Mary Ann buying out the stock at B. Patisserie after my Sanfraniversary Party.

4. Sitting in a hot tub in the redwoods in the rain for Omar’s 30th birthday party.

3. Taking my dad on his first cable car ride.


2. Taking this picture with college friends in DC and realizing how lucky I am to have these awesome people in my life for a decade and a half.

1. A giant wooden bench falling on my foot at my Thirtyformal birthday party. It foreshadowed everything to come after it. But I guess I can look back at all the crummy stuff that’s happened to me this year, and hopefully just view each of those as moments.


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creative & professional creative professional | communications, content & community | nasty woman | adventurer & inspiration seeker | bicyclist & feminist | walk san francisco board | current: Adobe Typekit Product Marketing Manager, former: TYPO SF magic maker
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