Monday Munchies: Every Day I’m Musseling


I love nothing more than when food turns out exactly the way you pictured it tasting.


My bucket o’ mussels.

That happened tonight with the mussels I harvested yesterday.

Steaming at home.

Steaming at home.

I whipped up some white wine sauce with shallots, garlic, parsley and dill (and loads of butter), steamed the mussels and served with fresh baked bread from the Wiggle Bread Guy (I can’t find a link to him…but it’s a dude who sells bread on the bike route until he runs out…love this dude). I also made a salad of arugula, mandarins, red onion and goat cheese. And paired with a Brother Thelonius…because Belgian.

Mussel crew.

Mussel crew.

I’m so grateful to my friend Kate for inviting me along on her annual mussel hunt this weekend. A negative tide fell on the auspicious occasion of the winter solstice. After such a bummer year personally, I welcomed the change to winter with open arms. And surprisingly enough, gathering mussels is SUPER easy. You simply walk out to the edge of the tide pools and voila! Beds of mussels just awaiting you to twist and pull (no tools, so your muscles will be sore the next day – pun intended).

Uni harvesters.

Uni harvesters.

Some folks also harvested Uni…but I wasn’t quite that brave.

Sricacha baked mussels.

Sricacha baked mussels.

Kate and Sean whipped up some amazing mussels last night – some with a wine sauce, others baked with a sriracha mayo. Salads, homemade cheeses, cookies, broccoli and romanesco from my CSA…a feast was had!

Gotta plow through these before travel.

Gotta plow through these before travel.

And tomorrow I must use up some veggies before I head on a plane for Christmas. It’s been quite difficult to use them up with all the holiday events happening of late. I plan to pack my Eatwell Farm sweet potatoes to replicate my Thanksgiving contribution. I’m also going to try to pack mussels for the trip. Wish me luck.


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