Monday Munchies: Birthday Edition


Oh, CSA how I missed you! The folks at Eatwell Farm went on a well-deserved vacation over the holidays, so it was nice to start back up this week with some fresh vegetables. I shouldn’t even complain since we Californians are so fortunate to have year-round produce.

As you know, it was my birthday on Sunday so I put a few of these to use to share during celebrations. I’ll explain below and highlight some excellent gifts that will help me continue to eat and cook well heading into 35.


I can’t even tell you how delicious the Fennel & Celeriac Soup with Orange Zest in this week’s newsletter turned out. Devoured that pretty quickly. I also hosted book club on Thursday. I made a lasagne using spinach and onion from my CSA. Pulled the recipe out of my head, inspired by the part of Unbroken (this month’s book) where Louie talks about his mother’s Italian cooking while they’re trapped on the raft.

IMG_5786I’m not generally a big dip person (I eat it, but don’t make it often), but with a Packers playoff and birthday picnic, I threw some together this weekend. Threw steamed broccoli (in veggie stock), raw red onion, garlic, dill and fennel fronds into the blender with non-fat yogurt and cream cheese. Voila.

IMG_5797Needed to use up some of the snacky things folks brought to my birthday picnic, as well as the black beans I made in the crockpot with onion and garlic. Tacos were the way to go. CSA additions here were sauteed baby kale and chopped cabbage. Was too late to make rice, so I quickly whipped up some couscous.









My parents got me two super rad culinary gifts for my birthday. On the left, a Golden Gate Bridge spork! And then, since I enjoyed theirs so much over Christmas, an immersion blender. YAY! Thanks Mom and Dad!

IMG_5778Finally, thanks to all of my friends who made my birthday weekend so special. I’m especially grateful for Mary Ann for treating me to a delicious, and sadly final, meal at Abbot’s Cellar, one of my favorite spots in SF. They were out of their tasting menu by the time we dined, so thanks to our waiter for improvising beer pairings for us. We’ll miss you, Abbot’s Cellar!


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