35 by 36: First Check In

At Keith Haring. Of course I wore a theme dress.

At Keith Haring. Of course I wore a theme dress.

I have no idea where January went (okay, it may have been spent on some serious Friends binging on Netflix). After a great bout of blogging around the new year, I let life sweep me up and suddenly I’m a month into my 35th year. The 35 by 36 goal-striving is underway of course, with some more successful than others. I have 11 months left…


  • Visit Alaska.
    Put my travel booking on hold until after Mercury goes out of Retrograde (today’s the last day!). Looks like I’ll be able to do two full weeks thanks to the 4th of July holiday.
  • IMG_6019Go to Burning Man.
    I got my ticket through group sales. Hoorah for a great camp! I’m soooooo excited.
  • Bike in 15 different cities.
    Only SF this month, but it counts.
  • Do 15 San Francisco stairway walks.
    Really proud of myself for tackling this with abandon. Knocked three off the list in January, Did Corona Heights, Edgehill (what a cute little neighborhood), and Forest Hill.
  • Read 15 notable books (award-winners, bestsellers) from the past 35 years (that I’ve not previously read).
    Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay.
  • Resee 15 bands.IMG_5976
    Worshipped at the altar of Patti Smith at the Fillmore. ❤
  • Visit 15 different San Francisco Parks.
    Easily hit my local triumvirate of Buena Vista Park, The Panhandle and Golden Gate Park. Hit Corona Heights and Alamo Square as well.
  • Visit 15 breweries.
    Luckily Magnolia is across the street. I virtually visited breweries at SF Beer Week Gala, but need to get on this one!
  • Attend 15 separate performances or lectures.
    Decided I’m only counting series like Creative Mornings once per chapter, despite going almost monthly. Saw Joshua Davis speak at SF Creative Mornings and the founder of LeQuiVive gallery at Oakland CM.
  • See 15 visual arts exhibitions.
    Went to the incredible Keith Haring: A Political Line exhibit at the DeYoung. Go before it closes next week!
  • Publish 15 blog posts about food.
    I’ve been a bad CSA-holder and only got one post up. I’m also not going to admit to how many things I’ve had to compost :(.
  • Go on 15 set up dates.
    One down, fourteen to go. Help me out here, friends!
  • Go to 15 events at 18 Reasons.
    Went to the first Member Dinner they held with Sam from Bi-Rite cooking for everyone. OMG, cassoulet.
  • Go to 35 classes at the gym.
    Five down. Zumba thrice and spin twice. Love the Monday lunchtime spin class. GREAT music.
  • Send mail to 35 different people.
    Sent a birthday gift to my dear friend Ritu and a Keith Haring coloring book to my nephaux William.
  • Run exactly 35 miles each month, no more, no less.
    Already bending the rules here, but mainly due to an act of God. I’d planned to do a long run on Sunday, but thanks to a much-needed rainstorm, I didn’t get it in. I think it’s fair to carry over one long run (capped at 8 miles). I got in 28 miles, so adding those 7 to this month, for a total of 42. Bear with me 🙂
  • See 35 films in the theater.
    Only made it to Selma. Excellent film.
  • Walk to work 35 times.
    Got two in.
  • Eat 35 different ethnic dishes.
    I’m going to have to work on tracking better. Maybe just meals? Went to South in the SF Jazz center with Steph.
  • Learn 35 words in German.
    No vocab yet, but starting to learn recognition from this amazing playlist my friend Gloria made for me.
  • Talk to 15 different friends on the phone for 35 minutes.
    Gotta love iPhone call logs! My friend Sandheep and I ended up chatting a long time one night because I was cooking and didn’t want to go out to the bars. I thought my Grandma and I would also have met this, but we fell short at 30 minutes!

No Progress

  • Do yoga for 15 days in a row.
  • Visit 15 different State or National Parks.
  • Go on 15 hikes.Create 15 YouTube videos.
  • Reread 15 books.
  • See 15 bands I’ve never seen before.
  • Learn about/travel to 15 Bay Area towns.
  • Learn about 15 typographers and their works.Abstain from alcohol for 15 consecutive days.
  • Publish 15 blog posts about travel.
  • Publish 15 blog posts about art (music, film, visual/performing arts, etc.).
  • Reduce my debt load by 35%.
  • Increase my savings by 35%.
  • Learn and photograph 35 endemic California flora and fauna.






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