Monday Munchies: Catch Up Edition

As I was using up veggies tonight (and sadly, composting others), I realized I’ve been as neglectful of my food blogging as I have of my food. It’s been a busy few weeks. SF Beer Week took place between the 6th until yesterday (Saturday for me) and I truly committed myself this year. Another post forthcoming…maybe. I also had a few friends pass through town and have just been busier than a bee. Luckily I have a little break for awhile, and I’m taking the opportunity to slow things down and take care of me. Unfortunately a good friend had to cancel his end-of-February visit (stupid ACL), so I’m taking the opportunity to truly detox from beer week and knock my “abstain from alcohol for 15 days” goal off my list. I hope to get a lot more cooking (and exercise) done during these next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, not everything has gone to waste. Here’s some highlights:


One of my favorite things to do is just roast a romanesco with olive oil and salt, either whole or in pieces. I usually eat in one sitting.


When you find yourself with a lot of greens…kale and quinoa tacos to the rescue.


Using up mustard greens, citrus and watermelon radishes.


Turnip soup with turnip greens (from an Eatwell Farm recipe) and chicken veggie stir fry.


Miscellaneous veggie stir fry (cleaning out the drawer night).


More roasted romanesco (and also fennel…mmmmmmm).


Becky’s famous Buffalo Chicken Dip (I followed her rec and used rotisserie chicken). Made totally healthy with turnips to dip.


My attempt at creating Cafe Lulu‘s Asian Slaw (not even close).


Added some turnips to the slaw, served with butternut curry and carrot & butternut squash soup.

I also had a few unique non-home cooked meal experiences. I’m not big on taking photos while out, but a couple:


Desert from our office post-holiday dinner at The Lab. Thanks to my co-worker Theresa for organizing!


SF Beer Week North Coast Beer & Cheese pairing at Mission Cheese. Thanks MAB for coming along!


The first 18 Reasons Member Dinner. Cooked by Sam Mogannam, founder of Bi-Rite Market.








Private wine and food pairing at William Hill Estate in Napa. A cool Klout perk! Thanks to my friend Noelle for going with me at the last minute!

And finally a quick collage of the fruits & veggies I have (and haven’t) used from Eatwell. By the way, I’ve totally made some fresh-squeezed pomelo juice too. Thanks Susan for the hand juicer!




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