Monday Munchies: February Wrap Up

Here we are at March already. I completed my two week “sobriety bender” yesterday, but I barely missed alcohol with so much tasty food around to cook and eat. Spending more time in the kitchen even meant ordering eggs along with veggies last week!

Before I talk about home cookin’, here’s some other tasty things I’ve come across in SF.

My friend Virginia posted a picture of Paczkis on Facebook just before Mardi Gras. Turned out she was in Michigan and bringing some back. I haven’t had one of these guys for four years, so it was worth meeting her at the North Berkeley BART to do the exchange.

My pal Amber and I had the pleasure of attending the Eatwell Farm dinner at 18 Reasons and meeting Emily, with whom I email whenever I have questions about my CSA! The food was delicious, conversation lovely and I got to substitute Drinkwell Softers for wine. Plus, Amber rejoined Eatwell at the end of the evening. Hoorah!

My favorite coffee shop/bakery, The Mill, turned two last week and had this “crazy birthday fun toast” to celebrate. Note the homemade fluff!  n Saturday, Mary Ann and I attended the Stop & Go: Made From Scratch event at Second Act on Haight. It was so fun to go to a cool event just up the street and tasty to sample food from the various vendors paired with short films. Of course, since I can’t escape it, Eatwell soft serve ice cream was the final treat.

Alright, now back to my kitchen.

Celery root, spinach & dill soup. Daikon, cabbage, mandarin & date salad (Eatwell Recipe). Lentils with curried sweet potato & carrot.

Bok choy, steamed, over rice and onion with soy sauce (not my finest attempt).

Easy way to use up red cabbage during Lent? Add it to your tuna pita for a Friday night light meal!

Made up this “lasagne”. Kale, onion & chicken apple sausage sauteed in balsamic reduction. Lo-fat cottage cheese in between layers. Topped with goat cheese. YUM.

Sauteed mustard greens with spring onion, over rice noodles.

Simple roast cauliflower with Love Dust Arabian Blend.

A little less healthy, but just as delicious, I’ve been foraying into the world of desserts…

It’s probably a really good thing I never knew how easy lemon curd is to make. Because it’s my new favorite treat.

Got beets in my box last week, so felt the urge to make some beet cake from a recipe I got from Rare Earth Farm, my former farm share in Milwaukee.





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3 Responses to Monday Munchies: February Wrap Up

  1. Maggie J says:

    Lemon curd… I mean. Where has it been all our lives?!

    What was on the birthday toast? I’m charged with finding new toast recipes to post on our Instagram feed each week. This could be a good one. Yep, my job is hard.

    • Meghan A. says:

      Toast: homemade Nutella, peanut butter, homemade fluff. Can you come out to visit and I’ll take you for toast at The Mill and Trouble and it can just be a work expense? :p

  2. Amber says:

    YAY EATWELL! Oh gosh, I wish I had been able to have that toast. :/

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