35 by 36: The Efforts


Gingerbread house from one of the few classes I did manage to take at 18 Reasons (Thanks Amber!).

Yesterday I told the stories of the 35 by 36 goals that I miserably failed not even trying to complete. Today’s a little lighter – examining the handful of goals where I started, but just never followed through.

Run exactly 35 miles each month, no more, no less.

We all know I was pretty burnt out after the marathon, and basically, like dating, I decided to take 2015 off of running. I tried to restrict myself, and that gave way for an excuse for laziness and then life just got unmotivating and I’d have a good run every once in a while, but nothing worth the drive. Months were inconsistent. I did my annual runstreak in December (thwarted by norovirus), but still only booked 320 of 420 annual miles. The good news? I’ve started training for the Oakland Half (running for Team CALICO again) and I’m really loving running again after the break.

Read 15 notable books from the past 35 years.

This may have been one of my worst reading years on record. Of course I did read The Goldfinch, which should count as like three books, right? Despite only getting to 11 books, I did add both Station Eleven and Americanah to my list of novels I’ll recommend to almost everyone…such great reads.

Walk to work 35 times.

Approximately 22 times is not bad at all in a year. Still almost twice a month. Considering I was out of work for six weeks and traveling about four before that, it’s not shabby at all. Ramped up the number after moving to Lower Haight and lacking bike parking for a month…just ran out of time.

Go to 35 classes at the gym.

Another ambitious, but at one time doable, goal impacted by life changes. By my count I went to 19 classes at FitnessSF since my last birthday. My career changes meant dropping my Monday/Wednesday lunch spin class which was seriously a bummer. Hoping to find ways to remedy this as 2016 progresses. Stay tuned. Also, c’mon FitnessSF, have some 8 a.m. classes! 7 a.m. is too early and some of us can’t make it after work.

Go to 15 events at 18 Reasons.

Really sad about this goal slipping by the wayside…especially in a year where I had so many friends join as members. In fact, there ended up being one night when I needed to work at my new job, but I still had a group of former coworkers meet up with my best friend and enjoy a lovely dinner without me. Happy to be part of the 18 Reasons fam, if I’m there or not. Highlights though included the addition of special Members Only dinners, an Oregon Wine Tasting class with fellow Portlanders MAB & Amber, and Amber and my return to the annual Gingerbread House Workshop (despite children being allowed this year).

See 35 films in the theater.

I’m lightening my cinema goals for 2016 in hopes that I’ll exceed them. Living closer to theaters will hopefully help me get to the movies more, as will living alone…and El Niño. Let’s hope. Ended up seeing the most consecutive movies of the year (outside of SFIFF) in December with Sisters, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and The Hateful Eight. Missed so many new films this year…maybe Birdman winning the Oscar turned me off that much.



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