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26.2 Thoughts on My First Marathon

It’s taken a few days to process all my thoughts on Sunday’s accomplishment. The cliches are true…the stamina and pain required isn’t just physical, it’s emotional, mental, all the -al. I’ll start with my “.2” thought. I’m not writing about … Continue reading

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Halfway to 35: Rediscovering Meghan

  Today I turn 34 1/2. With the first, less-than-stellar six months of my 34th year over, I want to positively look ahead to rounding out my last year before I’m solidly “mid-thirties.” Coming out of a several-months-long fog, I’m ready to … Continue reading

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Insanely Active – 10 Tips to Baby Step Toward this Direction

I don’t know if I’ve ever discussed my weight loss much on my “California” blog. The last major goal I accomplished *before* moving to San Francisco, and essentially the goal that made it seem easyto change my life and move back … Continue reading

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The first day of the last month of what’s arguably been the craziest year of my life since 1998. My goal was to chronicle my move to my dream city, but I didn’t take into account that building a life … Continue reading

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