36 by 37: Half Birthday Update

Is this thing on? It’s my half birthday today (a.k.a. holyshitiamthreeandahalfyearsfromforty) so I thought I’d check in with my goals.

Despite my hopes in May, I’m not at 50% six months in, and am just shy of my ideal of 40% (39.74%! Curses! EDIT: Forgot that Muir Woods counts as a Nature Center…I’m at 40.06% Yes!). Still, realizing that some goals are probably not going to happen and ending the year with 75% of these ridiculous things done is still an accomplishment. I guess I’m cool with my progress.

Playing in the beautiful (and warm) Russian River.

GEOGRAPHY [42.42%]
Visit six countries. [50%]

No update and nothing on the horizon. I’m going to San Diego in November, so I may stick around a day or two extra to add a quick trip to Mexico onto this line item.

Complete at least six modules of six languages in Duolingo. [27.78%]
During my staycation this week I flew threw German, completing all six modules. I’m caught up with two each of Italian and Spanish. Really want to focus on this in the coming months.

Attend six different ethnic cooking classes or special dinners. [50%]
When I hit 50% on goals that are locally doable, I put them on the backburner. Time to plan out some fun food adventures in the coming six months! Who’s in?

Read six books by authors from six different non-US countries. [66.67%]
Read the Booker Prize-winning The Vegetarian from South Korea.

See six films from six different non-US countries. [100%]
Thanks to movie buddy Amy for getting me out to see the hilariously dark The Lobster.

Swim in six different bodies of water. [33.33%]
Hooray! I finally made it to Russian River with my pals. That said, I’m still short here. Hoping to take a dip in the Atlantic when in Virginia next month and hopefully the Pacific in aforementioned San Diego. Shouldn’t be too tricky to find some lakes to jump into…but maybe to find the time.

Ferris Fest in Chicago with two of my BFFs. Any surprise “entertainment” is my strongest category?

See films at six different theaters. [100%]
Cool to complete this by seeing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  at the John and Nancy Hughes Theater in Lake Forest for Ferrisfest. Now I can just kick my feet up and see everything at the Alamo.

See concerts at six different venues. [66.67%]
Still behind on my yearly average of shows, but happy to add a biggie to the list. Thanks to timing, luck and internet friends, I was able to see The Cure at Madison Square Garden when I was in NYC in June. Two bucket list items, one ticket!

Host six dinner parties for six. [0%]
I’m learning I should’ve been less ambitious and shot for six parties, total. I’ve had two parties, but nothing formal. Ah well.

Read six books by entertainers. [66.67%]
No updates since May.

Go on six dates. [100%]
And that chapter of the year is complete. Back to focusing on the goals that are actually fulfilling.

Participate in six performances. [0%]
I knew this would be a stretch.

This is how quickly I’m moving in the “History” category.

HISTORY (22.22%)
Interview six family members. [0%]
Visiting Grandma in August. Hopefully we can carve out some formal time!

Visit six historic sites within San Francisco [83.33%]
I was supposed to do another history walk, but it was postponed. Not worried about completing this!

Go to six historical society events. [16.67%]
I need to be more diligent. Have another walk scheduled at the end of July, but more should be on my calendar.

Write six chapters of a memoir. [16.67%]
Wrote a three-page rough draft about kayaking in Alaska. It’s a start.

Watch six documentaries about historical events. [16.67%]
I should make use of Netflix now that my other binge watching has ended.

Read six books about historical figures. [0%]
Get. On. It.

An extra credit visit to the Art Walls at Coney Island.

Visit six visual art exhibitions at six different museums or galleries. [100%]
I’m not tracking them any longer, but of course I’m still seeing art! Just last week I went to SFMOMA and finally made it to a Lower Haight Art Walk as an actual Lower Haight resident.

Attend six performing arts events by six different companies. [33.33%]
No change. Who wants to go see some performances?

Read six novels published in 2016. [33.33%]
I’m fine with this percentage, as I know it’ll increase. Read two local authors (one of whom I know!). All The Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders and The Conjured Woman by Anne Gross (congrats Anne!).

Take six arts/crafts classes/workshops. [16.67%]
I’m signed up for a silverpoint class in August and waitlisted for a floral design class later this month. Would love to get this number up!

Attend six author talks. [50%]
Happily went to Anne’s book launch (plus she came back to our book club to give some insight into process).

Write six short stories of six pages or more. [0%]

Visiting my future self at the Rotary Nature Center in Oakland. (Photo by Amber)

Visit six science museums/nature centers. [50%]
Thanks to Maribeth for taking Mary Ann and I to the Chicago Botanic Gardens,  Amber for going into the Rotary Nature Center with me at Lake Merritt, and Brooke & Craig for wanting to check out Muir Woods while they were in town.

Take six hikes of at least six miles each. [50%]
Hustled to get this one caught up! Did part of the Bolinas Ridge Trail with Mary Ann and Dustin, walked the entire length of Manhattan in June, and did an 8ish mile perimeter hike of the Presidio last week.

Kayak six times. [33.33%]
Need to add more!!!

Read six science/nature books. [16.67%]
I’m counting human sexuality (although it was a little more on the social science side) and adding Peggy Orenstein’s Girls & Sex as my first entry here.

Tent camp in six different locations. [50%]
Russian River FTW!

Attend six science/nature lectures.  [16.67%]
Really need to add more.

Sometimes I snapchat while watching “Friends” at the gym. Ugh, Season 3 Ross.

Attend six yoga workshops/retreats. [50%]
Time to book some for the rest of the year!

Participate in six organized runs. [0%]
Decided to run the first half of the SF Marathon for Walk San Francisco. Can you support my return to the belly of the beast?

Go to the gym six times each month. [50%]
Having a trainer has helped me achieve this so far. Hopefully doing “dry July” helps achieve the weight loss aspect of it.

Attend six sporting events. [0%]
Someone please take me out to the ballgame.

Read six sports-themed books. [0%]
Repeat the shruggie.

Go to six different spas/hot springs. [50%]
Time to add more!

Any advice for a wayward goalsetter? Anyone want to pair up on some of these?

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1 Response to 36 by 37: Half Birthday Update

  1. Zumaria says:

    It looks like you’re doing pretty well! I want to read some of the books you’ve been reviewing lately 😊

    Kudos on getting those dates out of the way – I’d be putting that off for the 6 days before my deadline LOL!

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