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36 by 37: “C” You later

Oh, hello. Remember me, that lady who writes birthday goals every year? Before I publish my new ones, let me reflect on what I did while being 36. I haven’t written much about it here, but as you can probably … Continue reading

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Lent the Blogging Commence

A couple of years ago I tried a Lenten blogging challenge. It lasted six days. Long story short, I got dumped shortly after it began and was busy listening to Elliott Smith and being emo in a physical journal (that’s … Continue reading

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The 36 by 37: Personal Pursuit

Editor’s note: I wrote this entire post throughout the weekend and just as I was about to schedule I saw the news of David Bowie’s death. My optimism will hopefully return, so I’m not changing it, despite my extreme grief over … Continue reading

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35 by 36: Halfway Point

   Even though I’m only going to meet some of my goals this year and have gotten VERY off track with others, I am pleased to report I hit a HUGE bucket list item this past month – I have now visited … Continue reading

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34 by 35: Six Month Check In

  Now that I’m blogging again, I’m back on the wagon with my year goals as well. To be honest, at six months, some have fallen by the wayside, but I’m doing my best to stay on what I can! … Continue reading

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34 by 35: One Month Check In

While I really can’t wrap my mind around where the past month went, I’m also glad to see it gone. Sometimes life throws you challenges, but man, not sure how the stars aligned for my 34th year, but this past … Continue reading

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