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2014 Reboot

July 1, 2014. Halfway through what’s proven to be one of the most personally challenging years of my 34 rotations around the sun. Without going into it, and for lack of less pedestrian language, this year has sucked pretty hard. It’s … Continue reading

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32 by 33: One Month Left

Hard to believe that I’ve only got one month left of 32 by 33. Already brainstorming for 33 by 34…if you have ideas leave them in comments. Clearly I’m not going to make all of these goals and I’m okay with … Continue reading

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Pay it Forward Challenge

Like all of you, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on yesterday’s unfathomable events. Call me an idealist, but I refuse to believe that humans are inherently evil and we’re all screwed. I agree we need larger reforms, but I … Continue reading

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My Requisite Reflection

I call my brother and yell at him. “WHERE IS DAD?!?!” Groggy and innocent to the unfolding horror, he replies, annoyed. “Here. In bed. Like all of us. Sheesh. Why?” I stand in the hallway of the courthouse, not really … Continue reading

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