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Congrats GOP, You Still Screwed People Out of Healthcare

I’m rejoicing along with everyone else that the GOP “lost” tonight and the government will reopen tomorrow. But before we go back to our regularly scheduled lives talking about Miley Cyrus, let’s consider that the cost of this shutdown will … Continue reading

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The Last Four Years

(Hopefully) in a few hours this year’s election cycle will be complete. It’s no surprise to anyone that I am voting to re-elect President Barack Obama, the candidate I supported in 2008 and am proud to stand behind in 2012. … Continue reading

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A Year Ago

I am still working on my posts about London and Becky’s visit, but I couldn’t let a major anniversary pass. It was a year ago last night that I pledged to leave Wisconsin. Here is what I wrote at the … Continue reading

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Day 38: Movits!

San Francisco Summary Week: In light of being over a week behind on posting, most of these posts will be summaries. Non-Celebrity Spotting of the Day: President Obama’s support staff’s motorcade & the decoy set up for the Prez’s trip … Continue reading

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