day 19: biscuits from heaven

THIS is why I moved to California.

Still battling the “funk” from yesterday all morning, despite two adorable pooches being in the office today. Combatted at lunch with a impromptu trip down to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market at lunch, where I grabbed a Cara orange, a Pink Lady Apple, and treated myself to a bouquet of anemones to brighten up my desk. The “real” food lines were too long, so I snagged some sushi from Harvest Urban Market on the way back to the office. The sunshine did make me feel better and I was able to appreciate the cuteness of the visiting German Shepherd puppy all afternoon.

How can you be bumming when a puppy crawls under your desk?


I also cheered up with the release of the San Francisco International Film Festival schedule, the delivery of sample pack from Pop Chips (seriously these things are the TASTIEST low-cal chip I’ve ever had), and booking tickets back to Milwaukee in April and to Broken Social Scene at the Warfield Theatre (hooray for first payday!).

I was also excited because I got to get together with my dad for dinner tonight. I had some time to kill in between work and dinner though, and since it was SO NICE OUT, I hung out in the Yerba Buena Gardens and read for an hour. Leisure time! In a beautiful setting! What a concept.

At 7, I headed over to Farmer Brown to meet Dad and Mary Ann. Well done Dad for picking this place out! I ordered a Scrimshaw Pilsner while waiting, it was okay, but after seeing the cocktails that my co-diners had, I made the switch to match MAB’s terra verde (vodka w/fresh kiwi, fennel, elder flower liquer & a pinch of dill) later (so, so good). MAB and I split shrimp and grits, and then we placed our orders: jambalaya for Dad (he stole my pick), chicken and waffles for MAB, and crispy corn meal catfish for me. This all came with a small plate of jalapeño cornbread poppers.

Then dad had the foresight to order a plate of biscuits.

Catfish & Candied Yams -- I was too busy savoring the biscuits to take a photo.

I don’t even know if I want to talk about the rest of the food (catfish was okay, candied yams DELIGHTFUL, and sauteed greens so light and tasty – almost lemony), because the biscuits have to be one of the best things I’ve put in my mouth in recent memory. I said it was like if God was coated in butter and rolling around on my tongue.

We later found out that they have a dessert of strawberry shortcake made with these. However, since they were out of that we skipped dessert entirely.

It’s probably best that it was gone. It may not be wise to reach Nirvana on my 19th day.

It was great to hang out with Dad though! Looking forward to having breakfast in the AM.


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