day 17: 13.1 and more

13.1, bitches!

I’m halfway to my fitness goal of 2011: running two half marathons. This is definitely the year of shooting big for me.

Reposted from DailyMile (see link for full results, splits, etc.):

13 Things About My Second Half Marathon (in no particular order):

13. I was covered in mud and bird poo (thank you Lake Merritt seagull who must have had a bran muffin for breakfast) by mile 11.

12. I love the people of Oakland! All over the city they were out cheering for us. I high fived so many random folks. My favorite person though was the lady in the median somewhere in the middle of the course, flashing the “Westside” symbol and yelling “Welcome to the Westsiiiiiiide! Oak-town! Go Runners!”

11. After Tyranena, having MGD 64 at the finish line was a bit of a bummer, so I opted for the Barefoot Champagne instead. And then we went to 21st Amendment, where the Hop Crisis solved my beermergency.

10. I’m glad Marley convinced me to run for CALICO, because not only did I get a high-five from her along the route, but I also got motivation from other people running for that cause. You can still donate by the way (

9. Huge thanks to Becky L. who tweeted at me around mile 2 or 3. Made me feel some major love from my old cheer squad!

8. Around mile six there was a random metal arch sculpture with flames surrounding it. I don’t know if this was to promote Burning Man or what, but it was pretty badass running through a semi-circle of fire.

7. When I crossed the finish line they announced “Meghan Arnold — Milwaukee, Wisconsin!” as that’s where I registered from last fall.

6. I’m so glad my friend Grant hooked me up with some new music this week. It was clutch adding the Budos Band’s entire new album for about miles 4-7.

5. My medal says “13.1 Miles of Smiles”

4. Weirdest coincidence ever. The same EXACT song (Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”) was on my iPod, and the same EXACT song (Enrique Ingelias’ “I Like It”) was on the PA when I crossed the Oakland finish line.

3. Thank you Oakland for being flat, and for having so many water and nutrition stations. I shaved 7 minutes off my November time! 10:28 pace vs. 10:59. (10:14 if you go off my runmeter, which was just a bit ahead)

2. Next up Napa to Sonoma with Team Challenge. Watch for my fundraising push throughout the spring.

1. I’m so incredibly proud of one of my best friends, Mary Ann B., for completing her first half today. Who’d have thought that my drunken ramblings over Christmas would’ve actually persuaded her to train and do it! AND who would’ve thought that I’d actually be LIVING here and not just flying out for the event.

Despite a mini-panic that I wouldn’t make it to Oakland on time (BART doesn’t start until 8:15 on Sundays), I calmed down after grabbing coffee at Four Barrel Coffee (that place smells incredible) where a bicyclist let me have first dibs when they opened at 8. He was grabbing coffee for his girlfriend who was also running the half, and I ran into them and several other runners at the 16th Street station, which placated me a bit.

I got to Oakland in time. Then I ran a bunch.

Then I accompanied MAB and Dustin to 21st Amendment, where we had sweet, sweet beer. I think the Hop Crisis was the best thing I’ve tasted ever, especially since the waitress expedited our beer order since we clearly needed it. I then got a ginormous burger with bleu cheese and avocado. I cleaned that, the salad, and house chips off my plate in about 10 minutes flat.

Hot shower. Nap. Decompressing.

Ventured out for parent call, blog time and a light dinner. Wandered into Borderlands Café, seeing people using computers and ordered coffee before discovering they had no WiFi. Pretty much just left the coffee after a couple sips and walked down Valencia. Spotted Javalencia, but they weren’t serving food any more. Stumbled upon Mission Creek Café, which I’m now in love with. Delicious veggie chili, great vibe, solid music (you know it’s good when you don’t have to put in your headphones), and interesting tea selection (desert lime).

I managed to retain enough post-nap energy to make it to Bottom of the Hill by 9:30, where I’d reserved a ticket to see the phenomenal Sharon Van Etten. She was my #2 album of last year and I couldn’t miss her, despite physical exhuastion. I was actually bummed out that I was going to miss her stop in Milwaukee when I moved. So I had to go.

So glad I did. The openers Colossal Yes and Little Scream were solid and Van Etten, wow, just wow. Her songs are like someone is singing the deepest thoughts of my soul and her voice is almost even more powerful live than on an album. I think there were times during the concert when I just stopped breathing.

I owe the show more of a review when I’m not out of blog time (especially because Bottom of the Hill is an INCREDIBLE venue), but Milwaukee readers: you MUST go to the FREE show at the Pabst on April 7. You don’t even have to run a half marathon first.


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  1. Kristen Gunderson says:

    Gotta love #7 – put a smile on my face! 🙂

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